Users are advised regarding when to purchase or sell Altcoins and BTC. The trading signals are integrated with an automated trading system, so you need minimal manual intervention. Here, you can get crypto signals for different pairs, sourced from trusted exchanges like Coinbase, Okex, Kucoin, Huobi, Bittrex, Binance, etc.

Actually I can say that the users of this channel are lucky ones, because the admin is good. As we don’t have an access to those channels, we can’t tell you what can you find here, but I hope it goes without saying. Among paid channels they have Bitmex/Bittrex channel with Altcoin Signals, BitMEX Swings and BitMEX Scalps.

“Very good channel”

In addition, they provide their best advice and insights into the crypto market to the traders to make the best possible profit. All the customer support work is done after joining the telegram group, whose link is available on the website. Moreover, premium clients are provided support through their VIP chatroom / trollbox personally.

universal crypto signals review

The support team can help you with trading analysis and ideas as well. There is a section called Premium Trollbox on this website where you can get some valuable advice from admins and premium clients. Universal Crypto Signals focuses on Crypto projects that may generate returns in the long run. At this moment, it is not clear where this company is located. There are a couple of Telegram channels for this crypto signals provider and it has a profile on Twitter as well.

Universal Crypto Signals Features

It catches the dip, thus marking the entry points of other providers as profit targets. The vendor also claims that in its first two months of trading, the system had 176 consecutive wins. It has an accuracy of more than 96% in Binance altcoins trading. Fully automated altcoins, spot trading premium, and Fully automated margin/leveraged premium features. Global provider of the best Telegram signals, including Binance signal, Bitcoin signal, and Altcoins sign.

universal crypto signals review

Similar to other crypto signals, they provide the information in crypto quality signals Telegram. They claim a success rate as high as 82% of the signals they provide. The crypto signals Telegram calls are generated by trading algorithms and checked by professional traders who conduct independent technical analyses. Another great feature of Universal Crypto Signals is their ability to support auto trading. If you’re unfamiliar with auto trading, you can also use their native bot to trade for you.

How to sign up for an account in Universal Crypto Signals?

Like others, they also have paid VIP groups that offer members up to 80 highly professional signals every month. These groups offer highly technical signals that are based on technical analysis, news, and existing market structure. A newbie, on the other hand, may be looking for free signals from verified crypto traders that they can use to create their own trading strategy. This paid subscription will cost you 1 m/$120, 3 m/$15, 6 m/$522, or 12 m/$900. You will get altcoins & spot trading premium and margin/leveraged premium services.

  • MyCryptoParadise is your place to find the best crypto signals, and trade crypto like an expert.
  • Saviour is very knowledgeable person from whom I learnt many things.
  • It can take a lot of time to research trade opportunities, read through news articles, and analyze securities properly.
  • The support team can help you with trading analysis and ideas as well.
  • The platform provides a crypto trading signals service and is considered the most trusted and accurate among traders.
  • Precise and helpful replies yes, long explanations – forget it.

We recommend you the percentage of portfolio you should hold in BTC , USDT and Altcoins as per market conditions. We have a Premium Trollbox where you get an opportunity to discuss trade ideas with our premium clients and admins. According to the Universal Crypto Signals review, the price range of paid packages differs in the number of services. Therefore, carefully analyze the available pricing plans and select only those that seem most beneficial to you.

Universal Crypto Signals Review The Truth Exposed

Our Every signal comes with a understandable setup of Entries , Targets and stop loss price. In turn, we are given the honor to presenting the most reputable shortlist of crypto trading signal providers. Customers can actively use all the functions of the previous service and a fully automated premium channel with the Cornix bot.

In addition to this, she writes content related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Moreover, she firmly believes that cryptocurrency might slowly sway away from this world. Then, choose a plan from various options available there.

In the telegram channels, traders are provided with technical and fundamental market analysis and customer support with buy, sell, and stop-loss prices. crypto trading signals However, we have picked these three as 100% legitimate trading signals. They offer many services among the signals that they provide accurately.

Universal Crypto Signals Pricing

Provide Accurate Technical and fundamental Analysis of Bitcoin and crypto market. We discovered that this business uses Twitter for networking with their clients and promoting company news and updates. Actually we don’t have a full partnership with this provider, but we know it worth trying.


Anyway, you should check every provider before choosing a subscription plan. So, as you see, these guys do care about their users – they want to offer you a good amount of servises and a lot of choices of subscriptions. Just like Telegram Signals, users get access to short, mid, and long-term signals giving them various options for those looking to trade and make a profit. The crypto signal service claims never to send wrong signals because they always consult with their analysts before publishing signals. The service offers a hands-on and practical customer support system that ensures users’ questions are answered promptly. Bob’s Crypto trade users have access to signals from Binance, BitMEX, and ByBit.

We hope the vendor decides to include this information in the future. The vendor has chosen not to reveal the details of the team members, which is a bit odd. All legitimate crypto service providers take transparency very seriously, so we are a little disappointed at this. We don’t know the backgrounds of the team members or what kind of experience they possess. In less than two moths I doubled my account with UCS advice.

Normally, analysts use technical and fundamental analysis for generating the signals, but some of the strategies might not suit your needs. For example, short-term strategies are not ideal for traders who are looking to earn long-term profits. With the basics of crypto signals behind us, let us look into the best crypto signals providers on auto-trading platforms, Telegram & Discord.

Is a successful crypto trading signals group, where they have a spot trading accuracy of higher than 90% and a margin trading accuracy of 80%. Fat Pig Signals is a full-service crypto signals provider that offers everything from signals to education to live chat. Almost all the platforms offer Cornix crypto signal bot to automate trading through telegram. Some of these platforms ask you to pay a monthly subscription charge for the bot.

Most of these trading signals are based on technical analysis. We provide you with some of the best crypto signals in the market through our CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel for crypto traders. If you get hooked on those signals, they also offer a premium paid group which provides up to three VIP trading signals a day. These groups are also usually filled with verified crypto traders, so they have even more knowledge to share. By far Universal Crypto Signals is the best cryptocurrency trading signals provider on telegram. Various signal providers have different types of strategies and your choice should depend on your requirements.

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The results shown by this service have been overall very positive. You need some kind of trust into Savior’s skills sometimes, but he knows what he does. The unleveraged altcoin signals can take some time to develop sometimes. Most of the time they explode very fast and they are there.

I was originally skeptical of Premium Universal Crypto Signals claim that they had 95% accuracy. Consequently being that Jan was a rough month and they achieved 80 +%. Customer results, I have applied his own stop / loss strategy, I do think it’s possible. I also think the very loose use of stop losses helps to achieve high accuracy.

I would also suggest looking into their Premium Bitmex channel as well. I have to mention that the BitMEX signals came always with a defined stop-loss. We write product reviews and comparison articles in the field of cryptocurrency. There are six plans available for the traders where they can choose from, and the pricing is according to the plan’s duration. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform.